If you would like to commission a printed bowl or pot, please contact me to discuss colour, dimensions, etc. Details may take a few days to hone down and you should allow 4-6 weeks lead time from submitting details to receiving the finished piece. 

Prices range from £120 for a simple 8” tall printed ‘flatpot’ with a plain interior, to £330 for a 12” tall pot which is printed both inside and out. Bowls range from £130 to £180 for a 12” to 15” diameter.

Payment is by PayPal and will be due on completion of the work. Please add £10 for postage and packing unless you wish to collect from East Sussex.

Images for printing can be sent via www.sendspace.com or a similar free file transfer service which can send large files and is free to download. They should be 300 dpi and the dimensions should be approximately the size needed for the final piece. Alternatively, you can send a hard copy of the original for returning later. Copyright permission has been granted by Ordnance Survey for use of OS maps.

Please note: These ceramic pieces are artworks; they are not intended as functional ware and cannot be guaranteed watertight.